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Repos & Packages


  • Pervasive zero-config philosophy.
  • You are free to use the API where and how you see fit. Few conventions on how to structure your app.
  • GraphQL schema construction
    • Define your schema in code, abstract repeated patterns.
    • Integrated helpers for building Relay compliant pagination
    • Define graphql types without export/import and configuration boilerplate.
  • Type safety made simple
    • Automatically fully typed GraphQL resolvers accounting for what you see in the parent, args, ctx arguments and what you're allowed to return.
    • Automatically extracted types from return values in your addToContext invocations are merged into the Nexus resolver context type.
    • Export any type in any module to make it available as a backing type for any object in your GraphQL schema.
  • Integrated logger component built atop Pino
    • Pretty mode for development
    • JSON mode for production
    • Automatic request-scoped child logger available on context object
  • Integrated Testing
    • Utils to boot a test app, integrated GraphQL client ready to make requests against it
  • Sane defaults
    • Top-level sync and async error handling, process exit
  • Scaffolding
    • Generate new app projects
    • Generate new plugin projects
  • Plugins
    • build hooks
    • dev hooks
    • resolver middleware
    • add type defs
    • add field def builders
    • add type def builders
  • Generate GraphQL SDL from your schema, make pull-request reviews more collaborative.
  • Integrated TypeScript
    • No install needed
    • Builtin dynamic tsconfig guide rails
    • Nexus CLI honours your tsconfig
  • Simple dependency management
    • One dep
    • Add prisma, only one dep more
    • Nexus handles sound integration between all components
    • Nexus handles minimal deployment size via integrated tree-shake step in build
  • Decomposable, from framework to libs
    • @nexus/schema
    • @nexus/logger
  • Enhanced IDE Experience via TypeScript Language Service Plugin
    • Refined nexus lib autocomplete

Future features

  • Integrated query complexity analysis
  • Integrated Bundler
    • Automatically tree shake your app into the minimum artifact size
    • Automatically generate v8 snapshots for ultimate cold start times
  • Integrated Server
    • Platform adaptors providing fully typed request and response objects
    • Seamless transition between serverful and serverless
    • Pluggable
  • Integrated Ops
    • Deployment adaptors (Now, AWS Lambda, Google Functions)
    • Adaptors for logging and APM (Elastic, Datadog, New Relic, ...)
    • Alpine Docker images
    • Pluggable
  • ...


We plan to lift these limitations one day.

  • Lacks good Windows support issues
  • Does not work with JavaScript #85
  • Does not cover the entire GraphQL Spec
    • Subscriptions #447
    • Interface Extensions #713


We do not plan to lift these limitations.

  • Works with Node v9 and below
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