GraphQL Docs on Arguments

arg, intArg, stringArg, floatArg, idArg, booleanArg

Defines an argument that can be used in any object or interface type. Args can be reused in multiple locations, and it can be convenient to create your own wrappers around arguments.

1import { intArg, core } from '@nexus/schema'
3function requiredInt(opts: core.ScalarArgConfig<number>) {
4 return intArg({ ...opts, required: true })

Common options available for arg include the following:


Whether the argument is required or not.

Format: required?: boolean;

Note, when required: true, nullable: false


Whether the argument is nullable or not.

Format: nullable?: boolean;

Note, when nullable: true, required: false


Whether the argument is a list or not.

Format: list?: null | true | boolean[];

null = not a list

true = list

array = nested list, where true/false decides whether the list member can be nullable


The description to annotate the GraphQL SDL

Format: description?: string | null;

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